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My name is Suzanne Rea

I am a passionate and experienced Early Childhood Specialist and Consultant based in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand. I offer a variety of family/whānau support, parenting courses & ECE consulting

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About Me

Early Childhood with Heart & Soul

I’ve been involved in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education for 20 years and during this time have: led and managed childcare settings in both Aotearoa New Zealand and the United Kingdom; worked as a lecturer to student teachers undergoing ECE teacher training; and supported educators and families/whānau through one-on-one consultations, workshops and professional development.

My mission is to combine child development research with the peaceful and heart-centred pedagogies I have spent many years studying and mastering within my own teaching practice and parenting.

Nurturing caregivers with Expert Education and Resources

The Key Pillars of
My Work



Nurture the child's naturally unfolding development, holistic wellbeing and the relationship between the adult and child.

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Support ..

Support parents/whānau and educators as they embark on their individual conscious caregiving journey.



Inspire parents/whānau and educators to develop conscious and heart-led caregiving practices.

6 week online parenting course

Transform Your Parenting in 6 Weeks with Suzanne Rea's Conscious Parenting Course

Parenting is like anything else; it takes practice and guidance helps!

Be Supported on Your Parenting Journey

Feel supported as you uncover your heart's greatest hope for your parenting journey and begin to discover how to parent with greater joy and alignment.

Understand Your Child

Deepen your understanding of your child's natural development and biological needs. Learn how to effectively meet them in your parenting approach.

Parenting Courses & Support | ECE SERVICE Consulting

Empowering Journeys in Early Childhood

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In-Person Peaceful Playgroups (Wellington)

For children up to 2 years & their caregiver. Join us for this unique parent and child group, designed to offer you a rare opportunity to take a rest from the demands of life and find joy in observing your little one at play. Inspired by the Pikler® and Waldorf approaches to the early years.


6 Week Online Conscious Parenting Course

An allied journey towards a joyful, peaceful & aligned parenthood. I will work with you one-on-one to develop your parenting vision, identify the limitations & triggers holding you back and implement practical strategies to support you to become the parent you want to be.


On Demand Experienced ECE Consulting

Tailored PLD opportunities and mentoring support to inspire you in your mahi as you nurture young hearts and minds. With a focus on holistic development, contemporary educational approaches and latest research, I aim to empower you to provide quality care and education within your service.

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Suzanne is one of the most compassionate, present and intentional people I have ever met! Her knowledge and innate wisdom about children and healthy relationships is absolutely one of a kind. Suzanne brings her whole heart to every interaction she has, and everything that she does. I feel very blessed to have worked alongside Suzanne - she has impacted my life in many, many ways, and continues to, simply by just being such a potent example of living in right relation, with right intention, from the heart.
Early Childhood Teacher
There is such a need for the unqiue support and expertise Suzanne offers. She is the best we've ever come across and we feel very forunate to have learned from her and been supported by her to grow and thrive as parents.
Joanne & Mike

Identify where on the road to conscious caregiving you are!

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In The Right Direction

Ready to enhance your parenting or teaching skills? Join my 6 week online parenting course, participate in my
parent and child playgroups or let me create a tailored consulting package for your ECE service. Reach out today!

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