Why is parent support important?

Why is parent support important?


In today’s modern world, parenting has become a very isolating job and yet, it was never meant to be. We were never designed to raise children alone. We were designed to raise them with the support and involvement of friends, family, community and a tribe. This is why it is so invaluable to seek support. And parent coaching can offer just that and so much more. The right person can offer a listening ear, be an ally in your corner and stand beside you and your child with compassion and empathy as you navigate the inevitable ups and downs of the parenting journey. Work with me to gain:

A Strong Foundation: Conscious parenting is not just an instinct; it’s a skill that can be learned and refined. Together we can work to develop skills and tools that align to your personal parenting vision and I will support you to gain confidence in connecting to your innate wisdom about yourself and your child.

Enhanced Communication and Understanding: Effective communication between a parent and child is foundational to a healthy relationship. My services and resources focus on teaching parents how to communicate effectively, understand their child’s needs, and respond intentionally and with compassion. This not only strengthens your relationships with your child, but also lays the groundwork for children to develop strong communication skills themselves.

Adaptability: No two children are the same, and each child changes with each new developmental stage. Therefore, parenting requires adaptability. This adaptability is especially crucial in early childhood, a critical period for laying the foundation for future development.

Access to a Supportive Community: Building a wider community of support is crucial to parental well-being. It offers an outlet to connect with like-minded parents where you can share experiences, advice, and offer encouragement. Our Peaceful Playgroup and online community offers a space for parents to connect and build community.

Knowledge of Child Development & Best Practice: Child-rearing strategies, educational theories and child development research evolves over time. My online courses and resources provide an accessible way to stay informed and apply contemporary knowledge in everyday caregiving.

Parenting is one of the hardest, most challenging roles we face in life and empowering, loving support is crucial. If you are interested in working together I would love to be an ally as you move towards more joyful and aligned parenting. My comprehensive parenting courses and 1:1 sessions are designed to support you at every step of your early parenting journey.

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