6 Week Conscious Parenting Course



Join me, Suzanne Rea, MEd., for this 6-week course where I will work with you one-on-one to develop your parenting vision, identify the limitations & triggers holding you back from being the parent you want to be and support you to develop personalised tools and strategies to bring greater joy and alignment to your parenting.

6 Week Conscious Parenting Course

Join Me On An Allied Journey
Towards A Joyful, Peaceful & Aligned Parenthood


Course Modules:

Week 1: Your Parenting Vision

A parenting vision combines your values as a parent and aspirations for you child. When we can become clear on our vision, it can then act as a solid anchor which guides us in the decisions and choices we make as we navigate the challenges and joys of parenthood.

Week 2: Collective Limitations to Conscious Parenting: Deconstructing the Messages of the Modern World

In our second session we begin to become aware of some of the collective and societal messages about parenthood and childhood which may be adding greater stress and pressure to your role as parents. With this awareness, you can identify what truly aligns with your heart and, with this, find greater freedom and ease in your parenting.

Week 3: Personal Barriers to Conscious Parenting: Identifying the Influence of Our Own Childhoods

This week we start to become aware of the personal limitations that can impact how we show up for our children. What were the gifts and challenges of your own upbringing and how can these lessons best serve you in the way you choose to raise your child?

Week 4: Cultivating Trust in Your Child & Their Authentic Development

Our children come to us with all they need to flourish and our role in their lives is not to mould them into the people we think they should be, but rather to act as a guardian and caretaker until they are ready to fly. By cultivating deep trust in the child, we enable them the freedom and security to grown into the authentic and whole beings they were designed and destined to become.

Week 5: Triggers & Tools: Building tools to Support Overwhelm                                                                                           

This week is all about identify practical tools to support you as you deepen and imbed your skills as a conscious parent. We examine times you may have been triggered in the past by your child and I share practical strategies you can draw on to empower you in the most trying of times.

Week 6: Self-Care & Cultivating Compassion

Self-care is one of the most important, yet at times difficult, aspects of conscious parenting. In order to give to another with care, consideration and kindness, we first have to learn how to fill our own cup and meet ourselves with compassion. As we come to the end of our course, we examine why this matters for both you and your child, and identify practical steps you can take to cultivate a self-care practice within your day-to-day life.


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