What are the 5 positive parenting skills

What are the 5 positive parenting skills?

What are the 5 positive parenting skills?


Positive parenting is a powerful approach that focuses on nurturing and guiding children in a respectful and responsive way. First and foremost, this appraoch is rooted in knowing your child and fostering a responsive and loving relationship in which they feel secure and valued. With this as our strong foudnation, we are better equipped to meet our child’s needs and support them as they grow and develop into their own authentic being.

Below, I outline the five key positive parenting skills, which are integral aspects of my certified parenting courses and ECE support services.

1. Observation: One of the most important aspects of positive parenting is knowing your child deeply. And one of the best tools we can develop to gain insight into our child’s unique strengths and gifts, development stage and areas requiring greater support, is that of sensitive observation.  By learning to truly SEE the child. we are better equipped to meet their individual needs and nurture the unfolding of their unique potential.

2. Emotional Understanding & Empathy: Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In the context of parenting, it means putting yourself in your child’s shoes and responding to their emotions with compassion. This skill is crucial in supporting healthy emotional development in our children and is best achieved when we first learn how to navigate our own emotional climate. With this, we become worthy role models to our children who learn so much from us by simply absoring who we are.

3. Effective Communication: One of the most vital skills in positive parenting is effective communication. It involves listening actively to our child’s cues (either verbal or non-verbal), expressing our thoughts and feelings clearly and engaging in meaningful and conscious conversations.

4. Setting Loving Yet Clear Boundaries: One of the most positive and nurturing things we can do for our child as they grow is to consciously set clear and consistent boundaries. Boundaries help children to feel safe and secure as they enable them to understand the expectations we hold for them and their behaviour. This is how self-regulation begins to develop. Taking time to get clear on your boundaries as a family (i.e., aspects that are non-negotiable, aspects where your child has freedom and aspects that are flexible depending on the situation) supports us to remain calm and consistent when putting boundaries in place.

5. Encouraging and Supporting: Positive reinforcement is a cornerstone of positive parenting and is vital in empowering your child to feel valued, worthy, confident and competent. This includes praising your child for their achievements and efforts, encouraging them in their interests and supporting them with kindness and clarity through challenges.

These five positive parenting skills are crucial in nurturing a healthy, happy, and well-rounded child. Within my work, I offer a range of programmes and assistance designed to help caregivers develop these skills. Whether you’re looking for early childhood support or parenting services, I am here to provide the guidance and resources you need.


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